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Spending More Money Than You Should On Social Media?

Discover the most impactful and cost-effective way to build your perfect audience

With our scientifically optimized and fluff-free system, we turn your Twitter account into a valuable asset, instead of the money-sucking liability that it often becomes.

  • Rapid & Smart Growth

    Sit down, relax, and observe how your perfect audience is growing more and more every day. Before you even notice it, you will have accumulated a considerable mass of engaged followers.

  • Totally Automated For You

    Forget about having to waste your valuable time “playing around” with Twitter in order to get some good followers. We will proudly do the hard work for you and keep you updated with our weekly reports.

  • Results Are Everything

    We know that social media fails when the metrics that are really valuable for your business are not improved. That’s why we are focused on the two that are most profitable for you: Number of followers and level of engagement.

  • Expand Your Influence

    Amplify your impact by putting your account on the highway to influence. Let the compounding effect do wonders on the level of awareness people have about your business.

  • Scientific Approach

    We dive into a wealth of data about your industry and your competitors in order to achieve two things: 1. Penetrate into your competitors audience. 2. Tell you how to maximize the impact of your tweets and succeed where your competitors are failing.

  • Track Your Results Easily

    We will send you weekly reports so you can keep track of the latest progress without any hassles. We will also send you an initial analysis of your industry and your main competitors, plus indications to help you maximize the impact of your tweets.

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What Do I Get?

  • Initial interview to help us provide you with a unique and personalized experience.
  • Targeted social media interaction and engagement
  • Weekly data reports so you can keep track of your account growth seamlessly.
  • Initial analysis of 2 competitors with a highly practical approach. We will analyze what they are doing well, and not so well, and we will use this information to help you penetrate into their audiences with a surgeon-like precision.
  • Change your 2 main competitors anytime.

What Kind Of Results Can I Expect?

While we can’t tell you the exact growth rates and click through percentages you will get, we can tell you what we have seen in the past (On Twitter).

  • FOLLOWERS: Independently of your current amount of followers, you can expect to get 20-60 new followers every day. This amount can be bigger depending on your number of followers.
  • INTERACTION: As your engaged audience grows and your tweets are optimized, interaction rates like 1% to 5% are common.
  • CLICKS: We have seen click-through rates of 0.5% to 3% from new followers. (It will vary based on timing and the content you share.)

Who Is This For?

  • SMALL BUSINESSES : Having a strong social media presence is becoming more important every day for any kind of business, and it is one of the best investments for the future you can make. While you are reading this, your competitors are seizing all the followers they can with their social media efforts and developing lifelong relationships with them.
  • ENTREPRENEURS & STARTUPS: If you want to gain more traction, you must ensure that you and your team invest your time in the most valuable tasks you can complete. That means that every action you can delegate or automate in a cost-effective way becomes one of the best investments you can make.
  • SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGERS & AGENCIES: We will take off your shoulders the recurring tasks needed to grow your clients’ audiences. This will make you have more time to manage additional accounts, therefore allowing you to make more money per every hour of your work!

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Growth (Single)
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    • 1 Account (To choose between Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram)
    • Initial Competitor and Industry Analysis
    • 2 Competitors (change anytime)
    • Weekly Report
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    Growth (Multi)
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      • 3 Accounts (To choose between Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram)
      • Initial Competitor and Industry Analysis
      • 2 Competitors (Change anytime)
      • Weekly Report
      • Cancel Anytime
      Management + Growth
        Get Started
        • 4 Accounts (To choose between Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram.)
        • Account management, monitoring and growth (FB growth not available)
        • Initial Competitor and Industry Analysis
        • 2 Competitors per account (Change anytime)
        • Weekly Report
        • Cancel Anytime

        Still Have Questions About Our Services?

        Check out these frequently asked questions…

        I have strong competition, will this work for me?
        The stronger they are, the better. We will learn from what they are doing and apply it to attracting their followers to your account. Followers who are already engaged with a specific product or service are much closer to taking action than those who must still be educated about what you do.


        What happens if I already have someone managing my social media? What additional value will you give me?

        You don`t need to fire your social media manager to enjoy the benefits of our growth service. A social media manager’s main task should be to share quality content and to interact intelligently with your existing audience. We can take off their shoulders the daily task of looking for new followers and taking actions to attract them, so they can focus on their top value tasks and make your accounts more active and valuable than ever. (Note: We have started offering social media management packages too)

        Will I see the same results 7 days a week?

        At this time, our team will only work on your Twitter account five days a week. We can help you with scheduling your tweets for every day of the week, so you are always attracting people with your content. (Normally, our interaction is so effective that you will see a considerable increase in followers even during the days that we are not interacting directly.)


        I have been scammed before by people who just added bots to my account. I don’t want to waste my money again.
        That’s one of the main reasons we started offering this service. We know that fake followers are useless and even damaging for you. Aggressive automation techniques can end up with your account being banned. That’s why we base our service on completely human and natural interaction, and only use additional tools to help us create the most impactful and precise work we can.


        This sounds too good to be true… What’s the hidden catch?
        There are no hidden catches. 2 years of obsessive optimization have allowed us to eliminate a great amount of useless motion from our actions, and to use precise data that maximizes the impact each of them generates. This means more results with less time and effort required than the competition, which in turn allow us to offer you more reasonable prices than them.


        I’m already scheduling my tweets with an app, I dont think I need your services…
        Scheduling tweets and posts can be funny, and you can do it periodically, but keeping your audience growing and engaged requires you to spend valuable hours on a daily basis. Imagine that you could make a few more sales every month with those hours. Or write a few blog posts or pages more. Or simply, enjoy with something you really like. Suddenly, having more time available will open a wide range of wonderful possibilities in your life and business.


        Will you create tweets for me and reply to other accounts?
        We don’t offer this service at the moment. We believe that content is something very personal and unique for every brand, and must be created by someone deeply involved with its work. Anyway, we will give you indications to maximize the impact of your tweets. We will also favorite some tweets of your targeted audience in order to increase their engagement and the odds of them becoming your followers. (We can also retweet if you give us permission) We are not an automated app, we are human beings and will help you all that we can.


        I’m a social media manager and I like the idea of taking the recurring growth actions off my shoulders, can I subscribe to your service with my clients’ accounts?
        If you have the permission of your clients to manage their accounts and have complete login credentials, we will be happy to help you grow them so you can have more time to manage additional accounts and make more money!


        Why don’t you offer the growth service for Facebook?
        Given the latest updates in Facebook’s algorithm, it’s more difficult every day to grow your Facebook audience without knowing your budget for things like giveaways, contests and advertising. As we are advocates of creating relationships in a natural and cost effective way, we have decided to leave Facebook aside of our growth services by now, although we can help you with its management.


        What happens if I need to grow more than 3 accounts at the same time?

        Tell us what you need at our contact form and we will tell you what we can do.


        Do you support any charities?
        10% of our profit after taxes goes to different charities. We believe that those who can work must help those who cannot make a living by themselves, like children. Knowing that our effort helps children have more freedom and believe in their dreams makes us even more committed to our labor.